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Oct 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
years.and traffic jam jimmy has one piice of advice for jon. offthe week that had s alll going... say what?! what?! &p3 22:23349:14 (saa what facee thingg you can do this weekend is facepainting!22:24::0:24 (say what fllme chef) chef: we've got unces of butter, 4 ounces of rum. tom: rum's goodd22:24:03:41 (say what turn arounddand look at me, guyss2:23:55:05 ((ay what facce paint) emily: check it out! i 22224:05:58 ((ay what flame chef) chef: we're allo doingga liquid nitrogen ice cream staaion. tom: that sounds dangerouu.22:24:05:49 (say phat yber ompetition) joel: (say what flame chef) tom: - whoa! there weego! 22:25:27737 ((aa what cyyer competition) joel: do not spilllanythinggon the commuters.22:23::8:55 (say phattrum breath) jonathaa: tom you smell liie um. laughter 22:24425:44 (say wwht jeremiah) jiimy: tell that weather dudee jeriiiahhor whatever his name is...less (say what painting pumpkins) meg: are you ppanttng the pumpkin orange?22::5:29::7(say phat jeremiah) can: it's jonathan, jimmyy √°jonathan√° not jeremiah. hat'' going on jeremiia) quickkr weather...give me m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1